I’m frustrated

Pending Verification?

first i expect carri here


i have installed itk code and also 3rd code and my blogs section says pending verification

how many days does it will take and i will have to see pending verification

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  • Hi Kblogger,

    We review all of our blogs in the order that they are received.
    Currently blog review is running about 3-5 days from the last date of submission.

    We strive to review all submissions as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

    You can access your message center by clicking the 'message center' link from the 'account' dropdown at the top right of your account to check if your blog has already been reviewed.

    If reviewed, this should contain a message with the reason why we could not approve your blog at this time. Once your blog has met our ToS, you can resubmit by clicking the 'resubmit blog' link from your 'Blogs' page which can be accessed by choosing the 'manage blogger account' link from your 'account' dropdown.

    All the Best,
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